Welcome to Kamorka's world!

Kamorka was the first designer clothing brand in Hungray, who choose the chemical-free way, because we believe in the sustainable mode of expressing our personality through fashion.

We use organic, plant-based materials. Organic means that the plants were grown without applying harmful chemicals, and the highest standards guarantee that the textiles were not treated with such chemicals during their production.

My personal goal is to support my immediate environment, so each and every garment is made in Hungary from design to manufacture, including hand knitting and embroidery.

It is important for us that our products that are made with care and love should form a harmonious whole combining comfort, playful forms and surface solutions, just like the unity of body, mind and soul.

We believe that our kidswear made of organic materials and made with high standards and uniqueness nurture the soul, and wearing them feels just like breathing.

We would love to share all these values with more and more people, that is why we offer garments for women, children and babies too.

We hope that you will like our garments and also love wearing them!

Klaudia Dömény